Comforter is a quilt with carefully hand appliquéd numbers representing the artist’s weight fluctuations through the years. The numbers begin with the artist first conscience memory of her weight at 12 years of age. The weight gain is represented in bright orange, and the weight loss in a delicate, white floral. The weights documented range from 1990 until 2011.

Lines is a documentation of weights with ages and years from the artist memory from when she was 12 years old until 25 when the piece was made. 

Piscina/Pool, piscina de plástico y dulce de leche artesanal/plastic pool with artisan dulce de leche, 72″ diameter x 18″, 2013

Zoetrope Ariella, Mixed materials, 24″ d x 11″ h, 2012

Zoetrope Ariella (detail), Mixed materials, 24″ d x 11″ h, 2012

Fat Piece of Shit, installation with Lite Brite toys, 24″ x 42″, 2012

It’s Just Baby Fat, Installation of 14 traditional Panamanian Birthday Cakes, installed for the solo show Little Fat Girl in Los del Patio, Panama, June 21, 2012

The Comforter, Blanket with appliqué, 99″ x 77″, 2011

The Comforter (detail), Blanket with appliqué, 90″ x 77″, 2011

Lazy Girl Installation No. 1, Home is Where the Heart is, 2011

Fat is Shame, Neon sign installation, 60″ x 42″, 2010

Lines (Plana), readymade aided, 77″ x 48″, 2006

Lines (detail), readymade aided, 77″ x 48″, 2006

Self Portrait as Child, Readymade-aided, 11” x 11.5”, 2006

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