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Lazy Girl

Lazy Girl No. 1

Lazy Girl No. 2

Lazy Girl No. 3

Lazy Girl No. 4

Lazy Girl No. 5

Lazy Girl No. 6

Lazy Girl No. 7

Lazy Girl is an ongoing series of individual 30 minute, looped videos of a woman seated comfortably in her home eating casually and continuously while staring at her TV program, seemingly transfixed upon the viewer.  Each model is provided with foods of her choice and positioned comfortably on a piece furniture referencing Lazy Boy recliners, where she will eat leisurely and continuously while absorbed by the 30 minute television program which is symbolic of a typical television segment and adequate time to allow the model to advance considerably in her snacking.  Once recording begins, minimum direction from the artist is required as to not interfere with the performance nature of this series.

© 2020 Maria Raquel Cochez. All rights reserved.

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